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Computerized Steamer
Computerized Steamer
Computerized Drying Machine
Hair Drying Machine
LED Far Infrared Computerized Hair Drying Machine

Product function
Hair care and molding .
Hair dye and nourishing .
Hair perm and drying .
Partial hair molding or nourishing .
Hair post-treatment .

Product characteristics :
●100% made in WAVE .
●Collocate LED Far Infrared Lamp which can promote hair grow .
●Two kinds of configuration can be chosen at will -----
A. Infrared thermometry .
B. Non-infrared thermometry .
●Built-in wind blowing system .
●New style protecting net of aluminum alloy structure .
●Lockless full-automatic stretch stand foot .
●Appearance colors can be chosen by customers at will .
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  Hair Drying Machine -DL.H288
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